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Benue State University, Makurdi (BSU) continue in her quest to achieve her vision and mission of being the best 200th University in the world and technological/Innovation driven Institution has established the BSU Technological Transfer Office (BSUTTO). This is in harmony with the National goal of global transformation via technological and industrial revolution which necessitate the Federal Government of Nigeria to establish the parastatal called the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. This office also serves other functions as facilitating agency in managing and fostering technological transfer, promotion of the nation’s indigenous technology, commercialization of these research and development (R&D) results. They as well assist Universities with the processes of products patenting of the original research and innovative activities. NOTAP in her way to actualized her goals, encourages the establishment of Technology Transfer Offices and Intellectual Property Management Offices across Nigerian Universities as well as the Research and Development (R&D) Institutions in the country therefore working in collaboration with them and using the institutional offices as her desk offices for transfer of technological innovations. The Benue State University thereby key into this idea to actualize her mission and vision by establishing her Technology Transfer Office (TTO) as a unit to operate in conjunction with the Centre for Entrepreneur and Centre for Food Technology and Research (CEFTER) to facilitate promotion and management of the Institution Intellectual Property Portfolio, patents, designs, copyrights, memorandum of understanding and trademarks etc. for research commercialisations. The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is also aimed to create awareness and encourage researchers to disclose their inventions/innovations. Therefore, the TTO facilitates commercialization of Intellectual Property (IP) gathered by research-based results through licensing, patenting, or management of spin-off creations. The Office management and her team carries out the active role in the identification, protection and the commercial exploitation of intellectual property (technology) developed by University researchers through a variety of commercial arrangements including licensing and start-up company creation. The TTO also serve in enhancing the easy transfers and localization of various Technologies across the science and non-scientific disciplines, we also attract research grants for our teaming researchers. As a result, our office positions itself as an interface between the University Research Hub and Cognate Industry Partners.

The BSUTTO vision is becoming a leading resourceful University technological transfer manager with a strong proven track record of large, rewarding technological innovations portfolio.

BSUTTO mission is to encourage and promote qualitative innovative research via sensitization, fostering concrete collaboration between our University and industry for the purpose of commercialization, facilitates patents registration and service acquisition, which will promote robust patent policy that will drive commercialization of products of patents and technological innovations for sound economic benefits.

PROJECTS What the BSUTTO do; As foremost BSUTTO key accountability are as follows:

  1. Sensitization of our Researchers on stimulating interest in original research geared towards promoting innovations within the University community
  2. Map and link our University innovators/inventors with appropriate Industries, SMEs, and Private sector players for the purpose of mutually rewarding benefits
  3. Facilitate the process of patents acquisition on products emanating from the University’s original research and creative activities
  4. In a similar way we facilitate the acquisition of other Intellectual Property types like trademarks, designs, copyright, memorandum of understanding, etc.
  5. Constant evaluation of the commercial viability of patented technology with a view to maximizing potential commercialization revenues while effectively managing the associated intellectual property costs and institutional risks in line with the Intellectual Property Policy of the University
  6. Enable and promote research and development (R&D), commercialization of its results and products that originate from the University
  7. In summary we serve to midwife a seamless Technology transfer as interface between the University Researchers/innovators to the appropriate development Industry Partners for mutual economic benefit
  8. Initiate\implement technology prototype development activities, include the preparation of funding proposals
  9. Negotiating inter-institutional (both internal and external) intellectual property agreements
Generally, The BSUTTO collect numerous applications at different stages of processing for patent eligibility and applications. Also, the Office in collaboration with National Office for Technological Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) enable and enhance easy processing of these patents and other Intellectual property at the Patent Registry

The TTO is housed at the First Floor, Centre for Entrepreneurship Studies of the University and the Office works closely with the Benue State University, Makurdi Centre for Food Technology and Research (CEFTER), African Centre of Excellence Impact Team.

  • Technology Transfer Officer (manage the general working of the TTO)
  • Patent Applicator (In charge of Research contract, Licensing and Intellectual Property services)
  • ICT Staff (coordinate facilities for online trainings, meetings and presentations)
  • Office Secretary (Assist with office works and serves as Industrial liason assisting officer)
  • Clerical officer/cleaner (help move files and assist in keeping the offices clean)

Dr. Sylvester Jande Gemanam
Coordinator, BSUTTO
Office of the Vice Chancellor
Benue State University,
PMB 102119, Makurdi.
Phone: +2348067988338 Email:

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